Wheelchair For Dogs

Wheelchair For DogsSo you also want to buy quality dog wheelchair; and you want to find out why best mobility is the choice of many? I wouldn’t blame you because virtually everyone wants the best when it comes to taking care of their pets. Without wasting too much of your time; this is to let you know that Best Friend Mobility offers state of the art doggie wheelchairs. In a short time, you will find out why we pride ourselves as the best when it comes to wheelchairs; and not to forget the fact that they are also highly affordable compared to what others are offering in the market today.

Best Friend Mobility ensures that your best friend can start to make those runs and also play around just as in the past. We are personally committed to seeing your dog live and play as well as live life to the least; and that is what our quality carts are made of.

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At Best Friend Mobility, we take the weight off your shoulder; ensuring that your best friend’s mobility challenges are taken care of by providing wheel chairs. We are in business to provide your pet mobility solutions that are just as perfect and suitable to your financial needs or budget. Below is a list of reasons why we remain your one-stop solution when it comes to wheelchair for dogs.

Medically Sound

Medically sound dog wheelchairs as recommended by a vet specialist (surgeon): Every wheel chair you buy from us is designed specially for dogs that are disabled, and impaired in terms of mobility. The following conditions define these categories of mobility impaired dogs:

• Those are neurologically impaired

• Hip dysplasia

• Complete or partial rear paralyses

• Fractured spine

• Surgical recovery

• Lumbar or thoracic disc injury

• Arthritis

• Rehabilitation

Customizable Wheelchair For Dogs

Carts For DogsThough, our chairs are universal; yet we believe that every dog is unique. That is why we have different dog wheelchairs that come in 5 different sizes in accordance to weight classification; and just to add that these wheelchairs were designed by a veterinary orthopedic surgeon.

At Best Friend Mobility, our dog wheelchairs have been designed to fit 99% of dogs in each weight categories. With our dog carts or wheel chairs, size is also not a problem because we have designed them in several ways that makes it easy to adjust according to width, height, and length.

Once you have made your choice from our long list of top quality dog wheelchair products, we take it from there by customizing it according to your needs. Of course, every purchase made from us is backed with our 100% money back guarantee policy.

Our plans also cover impaired mobility as we believe that every dog is unique; and that is why our wheel chairs have been handcrafted with love, affection, and care. We are open to all kinds of modifications including smaller or larger frames, extension wheels.


Our founder, and a veterinary spinal orthopaedic surgeon with many years’ experience; Dr. Oliver Augustine believes in the fact that not only must dog wheelchairs be attractive, but be exactly as perfect as they look. Our carts for dogs have been designed to help your dog regain mobility within a short time; and without necessarily sacrificing comfort.

Money Back Guarantee

Though, our wheelchairs for dogs are of world class quality; yet we make available a 14 day Iron Clad money back guarantee for every product purchased from us. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that our products meet the highest quality standard, and also deliver as promised to your destination as promised. Our money back guarantee does not however, cover cost of shipment on every product purchased.

This is just to add that it takes up to a week or two for most pests to get used with their wheelchairs.

Special Offers

For special offers and doggie carts and wheelchairs at affordable rates, check out DogWheelchairsCenter.com


“…the wheelchair is easy to adjust and fit Gabby just right. The frame is lightweight, even small Gabby has no trouble moving while trapped in it…” Gabby and Julie.

“My dog Nyko was gradually losing the use of his back legs for the last year of his life and was completely immobile for the last few weeks. I bought him a Best Friends Mobility doggie wheelchair and it was amazing! It was easy to get him into the chair, fit him perfectly, and the first time in it took off running!” KR Smith, Long Island, NY.